How does it work if I need TRT to look after my dog or cat?

Service Users and Support Workers can reach out to coordinate an intake. We want to collect information about your pet's routine and needs in order to pair it with the most appropriate guesthouse. 

For intakes, phone or text Mella 647-209-4058

Or email mellab@breakawaycs.ca / melissap@breakawaycs.ca 

Is there a chance I will lose my pet?

No, we want you and your pet to stay together. The reason we exist is to provide an option so that you do not lose your dog/cat. 

Where will my dog/cat stay?

We have an amazing team of volunteer cat and dog Sitters who also want you and your pet to stay together. They are animal lovers who have gone through an application process, including a home visit. Your dog/cat will stay in a Ruff Sitter’s home until you are ready to be reunited.


What if I don’t have food and supplies for my pet?

That’s no problem - we have supplies such as dog beds, crates, litter, food, etc. that will be provided to our Sitter during your pet’s stay.


Will I be able to see my cat/dog?

Your pet will be staying in the private home of a volunteer, so unfortunately visits are not possible. However, we can communicate with you as much as you’d like with any updates, photos or day-to-day activities. If you have questions you would like to ask the Sitter about how your pet is doing, you can do so through your TRT contact.


How long can my pet stay in TRT’s care?

 We have Sitters who can provide care for a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 3 months. 

When will my cat/dog return to me?  

As soon as you say you’re ready! Once we hear that you and your loved one can be reunited, we will aim to get them to you as soon as possible. This will depend on our Sitter and Transporter’s schedule for pick up and your availability for drop off. We imagine you’ll be very excited to reunite, so we want this beautiful moment to happen as soon as it can.  


I notice you post stories and quotes on your social media accounts. Will my personal information be shared?

No. The information you give us is confidential, and known only to your immediate TRT contact(s). When a photo and/or story is posted on social media it with permission to share, and we’re happy to share your words but only if you want us to.


I live outside of Toronto, can you still look after my pet?

Unfortunately we cannot. We are small group of volunteers and resources based in Toronto. In time we hope this answer will change as we are hearing from people who need support from all over southern Ontario.