FAQ for sitters

How much will Sitting cost me?

Sitting with TRT shouldn’t cost you anything. The cat or dog you care for will come with supplies such as food, a bed, leash, cat litter, etc. If you want to spend money on a gourmet dog treat, you’re welcome to, but all basic needs will be provided by us.


What if the dog or cat needs to go to the  vet?

Any vet care needs will be covered by TRT through our partnered vet clinics. We can support you to get your house guest to our vet if you need a transporter. The only time we cannot cover a vet bill is if a Sitter is fully responsible for an animal’s illness or injury. For example, a dog is fed a Costco sized chocolate bar and gets ill.


What about vaccines, flea meds, etc?

We will get as much vetting information and paperwork about the animal before it comes into our care. Should a dog or cat need tick or flea meds, for example, we will ensure this happens. We’re especially mindful should there be any dog or cats in your home already - it’s important all animals are safe.

What if the dog or cat isn’t a good fit for our home?

Just as Sitters are asked to fill out an application, so are the humans/pets on the other side of things. We hope to learn about Sitters’ homes and lifestyles, and will aim to pair you with an appropriate animal. For example, a large dog who is afraid of elevators won’t be placed into your 12th floor bachelor apartment. You’ll get the tiny fearless Yorkie. We will tell you as much as we can about the cat/dog and whether it might be a long or short term stay, and you can make a decision about whether or not you’d like to open your home.


What if it just isn’t a good fit?

There will be an adjustment period going into a new home, and every animal will cope in different ways. It might be a difficult transition for some cats/dogs, while others will trot in like they own the place and be looking to cuddle ASAP. We will be checking in about how it’s going, and if there are any hurdles, we (including our trainers if needed) will be there for you. It can be a rewarding experience to learn and work on basic training. However, if you find yourself in a situation that isn’t working for you, we will find the cat or dog a different temporary home.


When do I start and how often will I dog/cat sit?

After we go through the application process and you’re officially part of the Ruff team, you can let us know when you’re ready to cat/dog sit. If you want to hold off, that’s okay. There’s no “start time” on our end - that’s up to you.


When you’re ready to sit, you can decline cat/dog care requests as often as you like. We want the houseguest and timing to be most suitable for you, and much as we’ll try to match you with an appropriate fit, it’s ultimately your choice.


What about dropping off and picking up the cat/dog?

A volunteer driver will drop off and pick up the animal, along with supplies.


Will I be in touch with the dog/cat’s owner?

No, we want to protect your privacy, as well as the privacy of the person whose dog/cat you’re caring for. Any communication that may need to happen will be through a TRT contact. If you’re able to provide updates about how your houseguest is doing, we would love to pass them along.


What if I want to go away?

Let us know in advance and we will make arrangements for care while you’re gone.