We are looking for Sitters!  

A Sitter is someone who generously opens their home for a Through Ruff Times guest of honour. Sitters are an integral part of the Through Ruff Times team...we couldn't spell ruff without 'u'!

If you are Sitter material, please fill out this form to begin the application process. 

*Fun fact* We may be super dog themed but we do have feline friends in need of Sitters.  So, if you're more inclined to cat cuddles, we can use your support as well!

Want to be involved in other ways?

You're in luck! We run on volunteers, donations, kindness and coffee.


So...if you're unable to offer up your home but you have a crate lying around, some extra cash or an excess of pet supplies, please reach out and we would be happy to put anything you offer to good use!