Mella Brown is known to be more dreamer than doer, so if pigs are flying it is because Through Ruff Times has come to fruition. Her Jacké idea (jacket with deep pockets for buffet food storage) will have to wait.  

Mella is a harm reduction counsellor, instructor in George Brown College’s AWCCA program, and big time dog lover. She fosters with Save Our Scruff, once had a beautiful mutt named Zoe, and pictured is her golden girl, Phyllis. 

As co-founder of TRT, she knows how special and important animal/human bonds can be. And it seems she’s not the only one. Mella is deeply moved by the encouragement and support many have offered TRT. More ballyhoo than the “get your money’s worth at the buffet” idea, that’s for sure. 

As co-founder and resident pack leader of Through Ruff Times, Melissa Pisante offers 10 years of experience in the social justice field and a lifetime of deep love and compassion for animals.

As a counsellor, Reiki practitioner and world traveller, Melissa brings a fierce, intuitive and sometimes strange (or charming) approach to her movement through this world.  

Melissa works and lives from a heart-centred place using honesty, humour and whole lot of breath. She is dedicated to being in service of all beings, learning and unlearning and walking with gratitude and curiosity.